Welcome to Bingkai Langit Constructions

The following pages provide a general explanation about our company founder, vision and mission, values, team works and some of our masterpiece project portfolio.
PT Bingkai Langit Konstruksi have been well developing from time to time. Our link circle develops with friendship, architects partnership, and colleagues being the very foundation to get and maintain bigger trusts. Our dedication has been customer satisfaction oriented. New clients come, old clients return to get us to do their projects.
When other construction companies hunt for tenders, we continually maintain trust , manage efficiency and even broaden networking. In our understanding, 'communication', 'cooperation', 'good will', 'mutual understanding' are higher values than a ‘contract’ that is commonly used as a work guideline for Construction-Service Company. And this is the DNA of PT Bingkai Langit Konstruksi.
welcome to bingkai langit constructions
  • Proactive Approach
  • Sincerity Service
  • Great Value

“One who is engaged in his or her rightful task will always be happy and cheerful.”

- Anand Krishna -

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