The Founder

Bingkai Langit Constructions was established in 2001, a natural collaboration between two individuals with high competence in each field.

Fatin Hamamah

Fatin Hamamah

with her strong background and experience as a Senior Quantity Surveyor and also as Planning and Control Manager , She gives the color of professionalism through competent skill, and an ability to see every detail attentively so that she always presents precise planning.

Fatin Hamamah

I Wayan Gede Sudiartha

with his strong background and experience as a Construction Manager . He gives a touch of practicality , simplicity, and good communication . He also has the ability to hold the team well with solid and highly effective team works.

Together they founded a Construction Company that complied for their vision and mission in work. They realized that business mapping for construction field in Bali has a unique challenge which is processing human resources who still thinks construction project is such a traditional work, collaborated with the work rhyme of meeting clients with their heterogeneous background and culture throughout the world.
Through contrast collaboration between international background-clients and global players which emphasizes on professionalism values, it indeed should face local human resources, which believe in traditional values. That is where we play to arrange the beat by creating harmony and making the best things from both backgrounds to appear.

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony."

-Mahatma Gandhi-